Redbourn Infant and Nursery School

Redbourn Primary (formerly Infant and Nursery) School

Long Cutt, Redbourn, Herts AL3 7EX
Headteacher: Mrs Sarah Hinchliffe
Telephone: 01582 792341     Fax: 01582 794669





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Our topic this term is "All Aboard".

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The Nursery AM Class Governor is Paul Lowther and the Nursery PM Class Governor is Sarah Smith.


Our topic this term is "Colours of the World" - take a look at what we have been doing in Nursery. children walking in a long line
We have been learning about Chinese New Year.
children wearing chinese dragon costume
We had a go at doing our own Dragon Dance.
children in a long line
It was tricky to all stay in a line together.
children doing a dragon dance
We had to make our dragon go up and down like a wave.
children doing dragon dance
We did little steps.
children doing dragon dance
It was a lot of fun!
making dragon shape out of wooden blocks
We made dragon models using shapes.
children writing chinese symbols
We also had a go at some Chinese writing.
red colouring in milk
We did an experiment to see what food colouring would do in milk.
adding washing up liquid to the milk
We added washing up liquid to the milk and all the colours moved away.
paying for fruit and crackers with pennies
On Number Day we wore numbers to Nursery and we used pennies to pay for our snack.
child paying with pennies
We had to give three pennies for a biscuit.
children doing an experiment
We made a volcano explosion with bicarbonate of soda and vinegar.
children making pizzas
We loved making rainbow pizzas at Nursery.
chopping vegetables
We had to chop the ingredients and grate the cheese.
a cooked pizza
They looked and smelled delicious!
children holding their rainbow sticks
When we went to Woodlands we made rainbow sticks by winding wool.
slab of ice in the muddy kitchen
We found huge pieces of ice!
a saucepan with lots of grass and leaves
We hunted for lots of different kinds of green.
children holding their rainbow sticks
Our rainbow sticks were fun to make.
Ten green bottles - numbered
For our Green Week we learned the song "Ten Green Bottles".
children putting their painted hands together
We did friendship colour mixing. We put our blue and yellow hands together.
green hands!
We made green together.



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