Redbourn Infant and Nursery School

Redbourn Primary (formerly Infant and Nursery) School

Long Cutt, Redbourn, Herts AL3 7EX
Headteacher: Mrs Sarah Hinchliffe
Telephone: 01582 792341     Fax: 01582 794669



School Ethos

When we developed our aims we wanted them to be relevant to all the people in our school. We started therefore by talking a little with the children about what was important in their school. We then had meetings with the staff, the governors and the parents and formed a working group who would spend time discussing the wording once the principles were established. Having clarified principles and words, we returned to the children so they could have ownership of the aims for their school. We therefore now have an adult version and a children’s version developed with the whole school then updated in school council, both of which follow.

School Aims

Our vision is that every child in Redbourn Infant and Nursery School will:

  • Introduce a lifelong love of learning
  • Celebrate and be proud of their achievement and be motivated by new challenges
  • Be independent, reflective and resilient learners
  • Respect themselves and others in the school and wider community
  • Be healthy and stay safe
  • Have ownership and take responsibility for themselves and others.

We aim to achieve this vision through:british values display

  • High quality teaching and inspiring learning opportunities
  • A broad, rich skills based and creative curriculum
  • Strong partnerships with parents, carers and everyone involved with our school
  • Expecting positive behaviour, valuing the unique nature of each child and having respect for themselves and others
  • A healthy, safe and welcoming environment.

Children’s Aims

  • Have exciting teaching and interesting classrooms.
  • Have fun with our learning and be proud of everything we do.
  • Keep fit, healthy and stay safe.
  • Be caring, sharing and respectful.
  • Be happy with and look after ourselves, our friends and the world in which we live.
  • Celebrate our school with our parents and other grown-ups so that we can all learn together.

British Values

Redbourn Infant and Nursery School actively promotes the fundamental values of democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty and mutual respect and tolerance of those different with faiths or beliefs. These are interpreted for our youngest children as learning right and wrong; learning to take turns and share; and challenging negative views and stereotypes.

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